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Rowing Photography

Do you photograph rowing on a regular or even ad-hoc basis? In this age of people journalism, getting rowing photography seen is hard and monetising it even harder.  Our experience is that people still love great photography and are willing to pay for it. However, rowing photographers generally face this dilemma:-

  1. They want to be loved..
  2. so they give their work away for likes because…
  3. they have no route to market and…
  4. hosting is expensive if you don’t have any revenue.

WEROW has built an audience around rowing editorial and images. On the back of this, we have developed our own bespoke images platform dedicated to the sport of rowing to distribute and monetise rowing images.

There are lots of keen amateur photographers photographing rowing – mums and dads following children and clubs or students keen to follow their club-mates. There are also some great sports photographers covering the occasional event. WEROW Images provides a route to market. There are no subscriptions to pay and we promote your work through our social channels using organic and paid promotion.

You can find out more about the evolution of the WEROW images platform from our interview with British Rowing here.

Find out more about distributing and monetising your rowing photography with WEROW

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Rowing photography from WEROW Images

Rowing is a niche sport but on any given weekend there may be 6 events running across the UK. WEROW enables rowing photographers wherever they are located to reach the people they are photographing through our established social media platforms, in the main Instagram. After deducting for vat and merchanting costs we take a small revenue share to fund the maintenance and long-term development of the platform.

You don’t have to be a professional rowing photographer to become a contributor to WEROW Images.  You should be able to produce images to a standard that will sell however and, given the nature of the sport, you will need to have at least one long lens in your kit bag. The WEROW rowing photographers are always happy to mentor aspiring photographers and pass on their experience to enable you to take better images and develop your craft.

We are particularly keen to encourage rowing photographers from outside of London and the Thames Valley. WEROW covers all levels of rowing in the UK with a neutral voice and an inclusive outlook and in that spirit, we are keen to support regional photographers covering regional events.

Whether you photograph rowing regularly or once a year get in touch to find out how WEROW can help monetise and distribute your work.