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Welcome to WEROW Life

The Power of Social

We have established a strong presence on social media with an increasing following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We publish unique & original high-quality rowing images, news and profiles daily. We want to be strong on social media so we can generate more interest in our sport and distribute rowing news faster and more widely.

We believe that rowing has an image problem generally and that women in rowing are under-represented. We want to present a different side to the sport – one that speaks to dedication, athleticism, sacrifice and inclusiveness whether by coaches, volunteers or athletes.


Contribute to WEROW Life

WEROW we are looking for aspiring journalists with a passion for rowing to join our mission to create the best rowing content on the web. Journalists can write on any topic as long as it is rowing related. Submissions will be moderated by the WEROW Life editor to ensure it meets our standards of balance, integrity and authority. You can read more on our contributor’s page.


We would love to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions. We want WEROW to be as inclusive as possible so if you think we’re overlooking something obvious or not so obvious please do get in touch.

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We’re not there yet! If you have a view on how we can best connect and engage with other rowers and scullers then please do get in touch. Similarly if you find an error or have a suggestion we’d love to hear from you.

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