The Boat Race 2018, Cambridge President, Daphne Martschenko boating at Putney

The Boat Race 2018: Cambridge President Daphne Martschenko boating at Putney

Where to watch the Boat Race 2018

Boat Race day is upon us on Saturday so it’s time to make plans for where best to view the race. As the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race crews are doing their warm-ups, an estimated 300,000 spectators will be assembling on the banks of the Thames. But where is the best to watch the Boat Race?

Whether you’re heading out with a hot flask of soup or looking for a pint with friends, WEROW has selected some of the best viewing spots for consideration.


Putney Bridge
If you are short on time and just want to see the team’s take their first strokes, this is the place for you. However, it should be noted this doesn’t long as they disappear around the Fulham bend quite quickly.

Putney Embankment
The path here runs to Hammersmith Bridge and whilst there are a few viewing spots, you may need to get their early so as not to have the view obscured by trees. On this stretch, you may also be able to get tickets to watch the race from one of the many boat clubs along this stretch of the route.

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Fulham Reach BC
This is a great spot before Hammersmith Bridge along the Thames Path and with The Blue Boat pub next door, refreshments are never too far away.

Chiswick Pier
Getting to this spot early is highly recommended in order to watch the crews pull those oars as hard as they can to get that coveted final title.

Dukes Meadow
Next to river between Chiswick Bridge and Barnes Bridge is this park and recreational ground providing views of the final stage of the Race.

The Boat Race course 2018


Star and Garter
This is the spot to view the coin tosses and the start of the races with a bar that overlooks the river you can ensure to stay nice and warm if the weather isn’t so appealing.

Dukes Head
Just down the road from the Star and Garter, you’ll find this pub with a decent outdoor area and a promise of an after party at the end of the day.

The Crabtree
This is one of the riverside lovers most adored pubs with excellent views across the river. Expect it to be busy but with a truly great ambience.

The Old Ship
This pub has a spacious balcony with views between Hammersmith and Chiswick, get there early to get a prime spot ready to rally the crews as they pass.

This pub boasts the best position for watching that winning stroke.

Fan zones

There are two fan zones set up with big screens where you can watch the whole race.

The Boat Race route (The Boat Race ©)

The Boat Race 2018

Date: Saturday, 24 March 2018.
Women’s start: 16:31
Men’s start: 17:32

Start Line: Putney Bridge
Finish Line: Chiswick Bridge

Distance: 6.8km

Watch online on the BBC and elsewhere

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Article by Catherine Radvanszky, in-house journalist and photographer at WEROW.

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