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18 Hours a week podcast by Sophie Schapter

Sophie Shapter’s Rowing Podcast Episode 9 – Tideway Week & The Boat Race

We’re in the final week of preparations for the Boat Race. All the Cambridge crews have moved into houses together and we’re training twice a day, based at Thames Rowing  Club, close to the Boat Race start in Putney.

This week is about bringing the last 7 months of training together for race day. This includes both mental and physical preparation.

We’ve chatted through all the “what ifs”, different scenarios, race day nerves, tactics, race plans and so on. There is no doubt that there will be Boat Race race day nerves, but we know that as a crew and a squad, we are prepared and ready for this race. It’s been 203 days since our pre-season training officially started, and I can honestly say that every day has been a step towards the 24th March – The Boat Race.

NOTE: You can read our pre-race interview with Cambridge Boat Race cox, Sophie Shapter here.

Sophie Shapter's rowing podcast for The Boat Race
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