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Share your race and event reports with WEROW

race report from WEROW rowing uk 2 - Share your race and event reports with WEROW

Are you organising an event, head or regatta? If so we want to hear from you! We are launching a Race Report service to make it easier for rowers to follow domestic rowing events in the UK and Ireland.  We have created a Race Report for event organisers to file a brief report together with any images and video they may have. The WEROW editors will edit the report and craft it into a post. We will then publish it on the WEROW Life website and share the reports on social media – that way we can all keep up with domestic events.

If your club is organising an event please make them aware of our Race Reports. We will be contacting each club in the week before their event so that they can plan ahead a provide a timely report. We want to make it easy for rowers to find out what is going on around the country at events in an entertaining and timely way.

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