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Sarah Gibbs: Getting ready for the British Rowing Indoor Championships

It’s getting to the start of the indoor rowing season and all those long low rate rows you’ve spent the summer doing will start to benefit you.  Hopefully, they’ll have improved your aerobic base making you fitter so you can start training at higher rates.

Over the long off-season of the indoor rowing world there have been a few competitions to tide people over such as The Row Series and Just Row but now some people’s focus falls on The British Rowing Indoor Championships, BRIC19.  The competition is held in London on the 8th December at the Velodrome at the Olympic Park in Stratford. It’s a fabulous day and you’ll have great memories forever if you enter, especially if you’re lucky enough to win a medal!

Before you start dreaming about a podium finish the hard work has to be undertaken, this is the pre-competition phase of your training.  So if you’re combining weights and rowing then now is the time to try and gain more power in your movements whilst lifting. For the rowing side of your training, a 2km test is beckoning. Treat this as a test definitely not a 2km to go and get a PB!  If the PB comes then brilliant but remember this phase is all about trying to get faster so you can PB in a month or 2 in the build-up to the race. .uk BRIC17 8722 - Sarah Gibbs: Getting ready for the British Rowing Indoor Championships

The Cantabrigian relay team celebrate at BRIC 17

Have a plan going into your test just like you will do on race day. Pace the test cautiously, give yourself a chance as you want to make sure you finish the distance –  a plan with a quick pace will feel tough and make an HD (handle-down) more likely. After all, your training is now about physical strength, speed and more importantly your mental strength – you need to toughen up! Your body needs to remember that the 2km and all the training that comes with it will be painful but the benefits of the training outweigh all the uncomfortable feelings, believe me, they do!

So to recap, make the decision to enter BRIC and once that’s made look at your training phases in both strength and rowing.  Remember that to get good at rowing you have to row and that those higher rates need practice. Complete your 2km test and remember to be happy about your time – a little positivity goes a long way to build and strengthen you mentally.  Set your pace and work hard, these next few months will be tough but worth it in the end.

In the next installment, Sarah will be helping you to get your rating up.

Sarah Gibbs is an indoor rowing age-group champions and record holder. She runs her own indoor rowing and fitness business training people both in-person and remotely.

Sarah Gibbs is getting ready for the British Rowing Indoor Championships 2018
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