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Rowing New Zealand announces their World Cup Squad for 2018

Rowing New Zealand has today announced their rowing squad for the opening World Cups of the 2018 season. The 45 strong team named today will contest the 2018 World Rowing Cup II in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria in June and World Rowing Cup III in Lucerne, Switzerland in July. Final trails for the World Rowing Championships have been set to take place on July 27 to 29.

As has been well-trailed, Rowing New Zealand has named two single scullers. New Zealand champion Robbie Manson and two-time Olympic champion, Mahe Drysdale. One man will be chosen to go on to the World Rowing Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in September following the World Cups.

Manson, coached by Noel Donaldson, last year set a world record in the men’s single sculls in Poznan and recently took home three gold medals and a silver in the men’s premier eight at the 2018 Rocket Foods New Zealand Rowing Championships. Drysdale, who is currently recovering from a neck injury, is coached by Noel Donaldson and will also compete in the World Cup series later this year.

Current World Championships bronze medallists Tom Murray and Michael Brake retain their seats in the men’s coxless pair. Reigning world champions Chris Harris and John Storey will join forces again in the men’s double sculls under coach Calvin Ferguson. Harris competed in the men’s double at the Rio Olympic Games with crewmate Robbie Manson in 2016, with whom he won at the recent National Championships.

Hannah Osborne, who made a strong debut in the women’s single at Sarasota, continues her steady rise from the 2016 U23 team and is re-selected with coach James Coote. Two-time lightweight single sculls world champion Zoe McBride is once again in the LW2x with Jackie Kiddle, the pairing having won a silver medal in the 2017 World Rowing Championships.

Current World Champions Kerri Gowler and Grace Prendergast remain in the W2- and World champions Olivia Loe and Brooke Donoghue remain in the W2x. World champions Olivia Loe and Brooke Donoghue, coached by James Coote will compete in the women’s double sculls. Sam Bosworth once again coxes the W8+ after helping to secure bronze at Sarasota with three new additions to the crew of  Beth Ross, Jackie Gowler, Kelsi Parker and Ella Greenslade.

Rowing NZ Elite Team 2018

To contest 2018 World Rowing Cup II in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria in June and World Rowing Cup III in Lucerne, Switzerland in July.

Men’s Single Scull

Mahe Drysdale (Auckland RPC, West End RC)

Calvin Ferguson (coach)

Men’s Single Scull

Robbie Manson (Central RPC, Wairau RC)

Noel Donaldson (coach)

Men’s Coxless Pair

Tom Murray (Central RPC, Blenheim RC)

Michael Brake (Auckland RPC, North Shore RC)

Noel Donaldson (coach)

Men’s Double Scull

Chris Harris (Central RPC, Aramoho Whanganui RC)

John Storey (Southern RPC, Avon RC)

Calvin Ferguson (coach)

Lightweight Men’s Double Scull

Ben van Dalen (Waikato RPC, Cambridge RC)

Matthew Dunham (Waikato RPC, Cambridge RC)

Calvin Ferguson (coach)

Men’s Quad

Lewis Hollows (Auckland RPC, West End RC)

Cameron Crampton (Timaru RC, Southern RPC)

Jordan Parry (Waikato RPC, Tauranga RC)

Nathan Flannery (Union Christchurch RC, Southern RPC)

Mike Rodger (coach)

Men’s Eight

Brook Robertson (Central RPC, Nelson RC)

Anthony Allen (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)

Cameron Webster (Auckland RPC, North Shore RC)

Stephen Jones (Auckland RPC, West End RC)

Joe Wright (Central RPC, Wellington RC)

Isaac Grainger (Auckland RPC, Auckland RC)

Shaun Kirkham (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)

Phillip Wilson (Central RPC, Petone RC)

Caleb Shepherd (cox) (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)

Gary Roberts (coach)

Men’s Reserve Single Scull

Giacomo Thomas (Auckland RPC, Hawkes Bay RC)

Mike Rodger (coach)

Men’s Reserve Coxless Pair

Martyn O’Leary (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)

Charlie Rogerson (Waikato RPC, Tauranga RC)

Noel Donaldson (coach)

Women’s Single Scull

Hannah Osborne (Waikato RPC, Te Awamutu RC)

James Coote (coach)

Women’s Coxless Pair

Kerri Gowler (Central RPC, Aramoho Whanganui)

Grace Prendergast (Southern RPC, Avon RC)

Gary Hay (coach)

Women’s Double Scull

Olivia Loe (Southern RPC, Avon RC)

Brooke Donoghue (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)

James Coote (coach)

Women’s Lightweight Double Scull

Jackie Kiddle (Central RPC, Star BC)

Zoe McBride (Central RPC, Nelson RC )

Gary Hay (coach)

Women’s Coxless Four

Ellie Jeurissen (Auckland RPC, West End RC)

Ruby Tew (Central RPC, Star BC)

Georgia Perry (Waikato RPC, Cambridge RC)

Phoebe Spoors (Southern RPC, Canterbury RC)

Mark Stallard (coach)

Women’s Eight

Kelsey Bevan (Auckland RPC, Counties-Manukau RC)

Kelsi Walters (Auckland RPC, Auckland Grammar RC)

Emma Dyke (Southern RPC, Timaru RC)

Beth Ross (Central RPC, Petone RC)

Jackie Gowler (Central RPC, Aramoho Whanganui RC)

Lucy Spoors (Southern RPC, Canterbury RC)

Kelsi Parker (Waikato RPC, Waikato RC)

Ella Greenslade (Central RPC, Wairau RC)

Sam Bosworth (cox) (Southern RPC, Avon RC)

Dan Kelly (coach)

Women’s Reserve Single Scull

Kirstyn Goodger (Central RPC, Wairau RC)

James Coote (coach)

Team Managers

Jan Taylor

Sonya Walker

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