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Rowing Canada announces NextGen Hub Partnerships

Rowing Canada has announced their NextGen Hub partnerships with five universities. The NextGen Hubs will provide all-encompassing high-performance services to identified NextGen rowers. Hubs will provide an optimal coach to athlete ratio, extensive performance planning, and enhanced technical coaching. Sports science and sports medicine support will also be embedded within these daily training environments.

Carol Purcer, President of Rowing Canada, is a former Brock University student. Brock Sports Director Neil Lumsden called it a big win for the Badgers rowing program. “This reflects the high level of coaching within our program along with our approach to developing our student-athletes” Lumsden said. “It’s a reflection of our rowing program, and Brock Sports as a department.”

Brock head rowing coach Peter Somerwil said it’s also a reflection of the team’s history of producing talented athletes. “It’s a recognition of Brock rowing’s excellent track record of promoting athletes to the national team level through good coaching, equipment and winter training facilities,” said Somerwil, who pointed out that Brock has sent 17 rowers to the Olympics over the years, and that nearly a quarter of the athletes representing Canada at the 2015 U23 World Championships and FISU Games were Brock athletes.

You can download a copy of the Rowing Canada Next Generation Athlete Strategy Update 2017 To 2024 here.

Carol Brock president of Rowing Canada

Carol Purcer, President of Rowing Canada

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