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Reading University Boat Club tops medals table at EUG2018

The rowing events at the European University Games 2018 reached their conclusion today with a strong showing from the UK entry. The games were being held at the nautic centre of Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra, Portugal and Great Britain sent a delegation of 106 rowers and 18 coaches

Reading University were the ultimate winners, taking six medals home (2 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze) followed by the Delft University of Technology, who got a total of four medals (2 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze). The University of Porto completes the list with two gold medals. 

The women's quads on the start at #EUG2018

The women’s quads on the start at #EUG2018 ©James Lee

Great Britain took golds in the M2x (Lawton/Harris of Reading University), the LM4- (Parvitt/Martin/McGurgan/Mahesh from Oxford University), the M4- Sullivan/Mitchell/Page/Strudwick of Cambridge University), the W8+ (Lovett/Greenwood/Lucas/Beer/Roe/ward-Allen/Dixon/Elphick/Margaretts of Bristol University), the W4x (Smart/Knight/Bratt/Ryan of Reading University and finally in the M8+ (Kill/Klapheck/Cetkovic/Wellie/Heinrich/Overlack/Kristan/Bauerle/Schmitz of Imperial College). The full #EUG2018 results can be found here.

Imperial College win the M8+ at #EUG2018

Imperial College win the M8+ at #EUG2018 ©Mark Chatwin

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