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Plan your school holidays with an Oxford Junior Rowing Course

At this time of year, parents are starting to plan activities for the kids during the school holidays. It’s not easy to find activity courses that are engaging, educational and well supervised. The Oxford Junior Rowing Course offers rowing courses for young people and WEROW asked course director, Amelia Wright, to outline what they have in store for 2019.

The Oxford Junior Rowing Course (OJRC) run non-residential courses in Oxford and Kent.  These unique courses not only introduce 9-16 year olds to the ultimate team sport of rowing, but also deliver an often ignored set of practical skills that will, quite simply, help them to navigate life. The OJRC team believe that with the right tools, along with an understanding of their wellbeing and development, all children can flourish and ultimately reach their potential.

Oxford Junior Rowing Course offer rowing courses for young people in the school holidays

School holiday fun & skills

Even for just a few days or a week, an activity as fulfilling and challenging as learning to row can inspire young people to develop vital life skills. No-one can thrive in life without the ability to communicate, be resilient, lead, work as a team, be creative and resourceful, make decisions, manage time and of course…build a powerful network.

It’s widely understood that the people who are going to give you your ‘first break’ as professionals are looking for a lot more than just your education. Qualifications help us to get noticed, but our experiences, character, and life skills are the real key. These skills simply aren’t formally taught at schools but are often an add-on activity dependant on the resources available. When life skills are shared with children, they have a tangible effect on their ability to make the leap from education to adult life, employment, and personal fulfilment.

Oxford Junior Rowing Course offer rowing courses for young people in the school holidays

A skills session on the Oxford Junior Rowing Course

Young people who sign on to OJRC rowing courses develop a new ‘hard skill’, rowing, while also developing confidence and competence in the life skills most valued by employers and influencers.  During a week with the expert OJRC team they will also guide you through life hacks on looking after wellbeing, including mindfulness, yoga and nutrition.  Alongside this they engage in practical coaching sessions with experts in their fields. The result is that OJRC ‘graduates’ leave with a much greater understanding of what it takes to look after mind, body and soul.

Yoga on the Oxford Junior Rowing Course

Phones down and hands up for yoga on the Oxford Junior Rowing Course

Not only is the course a big win for parents seeking a fun and fulfilling school holiday activity for their children, but it’s also a fantastic experience for those who take part.  OJRC rowing courses are leaving young people with a memorable experience, a love for rowing and a new confidence in coping with life’s everyday challenges.

The OJRC will be running Easter and summer courses in Oxford and a summer course in Kent.  For more information and to find out how to book visit their rowing courses website

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