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Meghann Jackson of Thames Rowing Club wins Elite W1x at Scullers Head

Meghann Jackson of Thames Rowing Club won the Elite W1x at the Scullers Head and was the fastest woman overall. Meghann was introduced to rowing after shin splints and stress fractures forced her away from University athletics.  “Rowing was a non-impact sport in which I could push myself just as hard and the second I sat in a boat, I knew it was for me” she told WEROW. Meghann was a member of the Canadian national squad in 2016 as part of the LW4x, however, a back injury meant that she didn’t get to compete at the World Rowing Championships in Rotterdam, an event won by the GB crew which included Imogen Walsh.

Meghann Jackson of London Rowing Club at Scullers Head

Meghann Jackson at Scullers Head 2017. Image credit: Mark Ruscoe

Scullers Head was a wonderful event. I was a bit worried earlier in the week though as it snowed on Wednesday and on quite a few of my pre-paddles I was scraping ice off the boat. I had been wearing so many layers that I couldn’t even move. But the conditions on the day were actually perfect – the water was quite warm on the surface so there was a mist – the only way I can describe it is that it was quite soft”.

“I count strokes all the time while I’m rowing I find it helps pass the time and keep me on it. I am up and down the Tideway every day so I am quite familiar with the stream which is a huge advantage. I don’t think it was doing anything out of the ordinary on Saturday. The event was really well organised, I absolutely love it and have raced it every year it has run since I arrived in London in 2011. Vesta is a really friendly club and they put on a great race for all rowers. There were lots of marshals who were also all very helpful. When I started to row back I overtook the people who were waiting to start but everybody was in really high spirits –  you could see that the marshals had really kept them all happy”.

“I’m rowing with the squad at TRC just to see what I can do this year. I’ve had great support from Dave Loveday, the women’s coach and Ben Lewis who is the head coach here, they’ve been really good helping to build me back up. We do some training with the boys as well which is great for the club atmosphere.  I work for the charity Fulham Reach Boat Club too and love rowing, it’s amazing how it can transform lives –  #rowingforeveryone!”.

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