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Inside Rowing: Harvard Men’s Crew – a video by Nick Trojan

In August 2013, Charley Butt became the new head coach of the Harvard men’s crew. Butt succeeded the legendary Harry Parker, who was in the role for 53 years. US Rowing team member and lightweight sculler, Nick Trojan has created a wonderful video featuring the coaching staff and boathouse at Harvard.

The video is beautifully shot and takes us inside Newell Boathouse, built in 1900 and named for Harvard rower and football star Marshall Newell (1894), it was a gift of the Harvard Club of New York. The building will be well-known to anyone who has competed in the Head of the Charles as it lies at the centre of 8 miles of the rowable Charles River.

The legendary Harry Parker, Harvard mens crew

The legendary Harry Parker, long-time coach of Harvard men’s crew (©Harvard)

Butt says of rowing, “People make too much of the pain side of it – people make too much of that side of the effort. Yeah, it’s hard but the key is operating rhythmically and when you’re doing something well, no matter how hard and how rhythmical it is, if you have the right level of concentration, the pain will emerge when you’re done.” Worth remembering for that next 18k piece on the erg!

Harvard Magazine ran an in-depth profile of coach Parker as a person and coaching genius. You can follow Nick Trojan on Vimeo and Twitter.

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