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Buying used rowing and sculling boats

Buying and selling used rowing and sculling boats is just like any other online activity. Please exercise caution and discretion and take the same precautions online as you would offline. There are a number of websites with classifieds listings and rowing adverts – always exercise discretion.

Rowing and sculling boats are reasonably delicate items so be sure to thoroughly check the boat over for yourself. We would strongly advise against taking a sellers word for the condition of a boat. We strongly encourage you to ascertain the condition of the boat in person and preferably with a trusted friend who knows something about sculling and rowing boats.

We would always recommend taking the boat out on the water for a trial paddle. If you are happy that it rows or sculls well and is the right weight capacity for you or your crew inspect inside the hull by opening the hatches and checking for water. Check the hull for any sign that the body may have been pierced or cracked. Check the shoulders of the riggers for cracks and satisfy yourself that the structure of the boat is still sound. You can read our guide to buying a used or second hand sculling or rowing boat here.