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British Rowing announces a new look team for World Rowing Cup 1

GB Rowing has announced a 54 strong squad who will travel to Belgrade to compete in World Rowing Cup 1 from 1 – 3 June. Amongst those named include Olympic medallists Vicky Thornley, Moe Sbihi and Will Satch.

Chief coach of the men’s team, Jurgen Grobler said: “There is no question we are looking forward after the good winter and after all our, I think, promising performances we had in training, but now we have to show it in comparison to our opposition. I am confident we are more “racey” than the year before. We have put a bit more performance in the eight, last year we came seventh, one of the lower rankings in the past years. I think it’s good to mix up younger and older ones to bring them forward.”

Grobler said that he wants to defend GB’s position in the quad which last year won a World Championship silver and World Cup gold. The starting lineup includes the long-standing sculling partnership of John Collins and Jonny Walton with the addition of Graeme Thomas, who stepped into the boat for the final in Sarasota last year and Tom Barras, who was the fastest man on the water at the recent national trials.

“We are not hiding away, we put a crew out where we think we can win,” said Grobler. “In the double, we have an old “new” combination (referring to his selection of Angus Groom and Jack Beaumont in the double)…. so we hope we can really be competitive. For a young guy Harry, (Leask who was selected for the single scull) that’s a totally new experience for him…..but remember last year Tom Barras was 13th in Lucerne and won the C Final and then won a fantastic World Championships bronze so I think for the young guys its good to get experience. Maybe he will surprise us straight away as he did at the national trials.”

Head Coach Jurgen Grobler at the British Rowing press day for World Rowing Cup 1

Head Coach Jurgen Grobler at the British Rowing press day for World Rowing Cup 1

Grobler also confirmed the status of some absentees confirming Matthew Rossiter is “on the way forward” with his rehab after knee tendon problems. Tom George, who stroked the M2- to fifth place in Sarasota with Tom Jeffery is still studying at Princeton University.

With a changeup of the eight Grobler expects the boat to go well in Belgrade. “Definitely with the 8+ we want to be competitive for the top. We’re not putting effort in to come somewhere, we want to win.” However he confirmed that the team being announced this week was not necessarily the team that would go to Poznan for Rowing World Cup 2.

Women’s coach Paul Thompson said he thought this year would be a key year to springboard the team into the 2019 qualifying year for Tokyo. Thompson said that there will be some new combinations and some doubling up as the crew mix is refined throughout the season. “We’ve had a very strong winter, there’s lots of good improvement in the gym, on the ergo and in the water. I’m very confident that they’ll do themselves proud.”

British Rowing press day for World Rowing Cup 1

Holly Norton, Jurgen Grobler, Andy Parkinson, Paul Thompson & Jack Beaumont at the British Rowing press day for World Rowing Cup 1

Karen Bennett, who won silver in the women’s eight at Rio is one of six athletes in the women’s squad who will be doubling up to race in two boat classes at the World cup, the eight and four. Holly Norton,  Bennett’s pairs partner in 2017, said: “We’ve had a really strong block of winter training and many successful camps. I think the team’s in a place where we’re really excited to see how we measure up against the rest of the athletes elsewhere in the world.”

The European championships take place in Glasgow this year which will be the next main focus for GB rowing, particularly as it’s a home competition. “We’re very much looking forward to Glasgow, as a team we’re prioritising that. We won’t have such a big team in the summer so that we can really put a front foot forward in Glasgow and also set up for the worlds in Bulgaria.”

The World Rowing Cup 1 is being held in Belgrade, Serbia, June 1-3 – event information here. The BBC will be providing coverage with Matthew Pinsent and Katherine Grainger.

Men’s squad

Pair (M2-)

Harry Glenister (Club: Leander Club/ Hometown: Princes Risborough)

George Rossiter (Leander Club/ Newbury)

Coach: Steve Trapmore

Four (M4-)


Morgan Hellen (Molesey BC/ Maidstone)

Callum McBrierty (Leander Club/ Edinburgh)

Ross Jarvis (Leander Club/ Upminster)

Tom Ransley (Leander Club/ Ashford, Kent)

Coaches: Christian Felkel/ Steve Trapmore


James Johnston (Leander Club/ Henley-on-Thames

Adam Neill (Leander Club/ Peterborough)

Jacob Dawson (Leander Club/ Plymouth)

Tom Ford (Leander Club/ Holmes Chapel)

Coaches: Christian Felkel/ Steve Trapmore

Eight (M8+)

James Rudkin (Newcastle University BC/ Litchborough)

Josh Bugajski (Oxford Univ BC/ Stockport)

Tom Jeffery (Leander Club/ Plymouth)

Oliver Wynne-Griffith (Leander Club/ Guildford)

Moe Sbihi (Molesey BC/ Surbiton)

Alan Sinclair (Leander Club/ Inverness)

Matthew Tarrant (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/ Shepperton)

Will Satch (Leander Club/ Henley-on-Thames)

Henry Fieldman (cox) (Leander Club/ London)

Coach: Jürgen Grobler

Single Scull (M1x)

Harry Leask (Leander Club/ Edinburgh)

Coach: Dan Moore

Double Scull (M2x)

Angus Groom (Leander Club/ Glasgow)

Jack Beaumont (Leander Club/ Maidenhead)

Coach: Dan Moore

Quadruple Scull (M4x)

Tom Barras (Leander Club/ Staines)

Jonny Walton (Leander Club/ Leicester)

Graeme Thomas (Agecroft RC/ Preston)

John Collins (Leander Club/ Twickenham)

Coach: Paul Stannard

Lightweight Single Scull (LM1x)

Jamie Copus (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/ Watlington)

Coach: Hamish Burrell

Lightweight Double Scull (LM2x)


Zak Lee-Green (Agecroft RC/ Cardiff)

Sam Mottram (Leander Club/ Stoke Mandeville)

Coach: Hamish Burrell


James Temple (Edinburgh Univ BC/ Kew)

Gavin Horsburgh (Edinburgh Univ BC/ Lochwinnoch)

Coach: Colin Williamson

Women’s squad

Pair (W2-)


Anastasia Chitty (Agecroft RC/ Winchester)

Rebecca Girling (Molesey BC/ Fareham)

Coach: Jane Hall


Emily Ford (Leander Club/ Holmeschapel)

Emily Ashford (Leander Club/ Buckfastleigh)

Coach: Jane Hall

Four (W4-)


Caragh McMurtry (Coalporters ARC/ Southampton)

Rebecca Chin (Agecroft RC/ Deganwy)

Jo Wratten (Leander Club/ Middlesborough)

Sara Parfett (University of London BC/ Rochester)

Coach: Tom Pattichis


Fiona Gammond (Leander Club/ Bicester)

Holly Norton (Leander Club/ Johannesburg)

Karen Bennett (Leander Club/ Edinburgh)

Rebecca Shorten (Imperial College BC/ Belfast)

Coach: James Harris

Eight (W8+)

Anastasia Chitty (Leander/Oxford)

Rebecca Girling (Molesey BC/ Fareham)

Fiona Gammond (Leander Club/ Bicester)

Hattie Taylor (Leander Club/ Sunningdale)

Rowan Mckellar (Leander Club/ Glasgow)

Holly Norton (Leander Club/ Johannesburg)

Karen Bennett (Leander Club/ Edinburgh)

Rebecca Shorten (Imperial College BC/ Belfast)

Matilda Horn (cox) (University of London BC/ Windsor)

Coach: James Harris

Single Scull (W1x)

Victoria Thornley (Leander Club/ Wrexham)

Coach: Paul Reedy

Lightweight Single Scull (LW1x)

Imogen Grant (Cambridge Univ BC/ Cambridge)

Coach: Rob Baker

Lightweight Double Scull (LW2x)


Ellie Piggott (Wallingford RC/ Bedford)

Emily Craig (University of London BC/ Mark Cross)

Coach: Darren Whiter


Elisha Lewis (Agecroft RC/ Marlow)

Francesca Rawlins (Tideway Scullers School/ Uckfield)

Coach: Darren Whiter

Para squad

PR1 Men’s Single Scull (PR1 M1x)

Andy Houghton (Maidenhead RC/ Newbury)

Coach: Tom Dyson

PR2 Men’s Double Scull (PR2 M1x)

Laurence Whiteley (Tees RC/ Northallerton)

Coach: Tom Dyson

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