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Sophie Shapter 18 Hours a Day podcast on WEROW

18 Hours a week – Sophie Shapter’s Cambridge Boat Race podcast

I originally wanted to create the podcast to give people an insight into what training at Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club was really like. Of course, we have our main goal of racing and winning the Boat Race, but there is a lot more to the club and athletes than just the race. Before the Boat Race, the BBC show snippets of the squad training, and a few interviews, but I didn’t feel these clips do the squad justice. It’s always very serious and intense, and never really shows the interesting and more light-hearted side of the club, so I decided to start creating some content myself.

It’s a great way for me to mix my passion for media with rowing. There are lots of things going on at the club, such as the Presidents Challenge, Trial Eights, squad cuts and sports psychology, and most people don’t get to see the back story. By interviewing rowers and coxes in the buildup to the race and finding how they’re feeling and how training is going for them, I hope these podcasts will give a different perspective on life at CUWBC and the journey to The Boat Race.

We’re now preparing to go on our training camp in Banyoles, Spain to kick-start the New Year. It’s here that we’re aiming to really step up a gear and get our 8’s going faster. After camp we have multiple fixtures on the Tideway with various clubs in preparation for The Women’s Eights Head and The Boat Race. The Blue Boat and Blondie (our reserve crew) will be selected and announced in early March.

Listen to the 18 Hours a Week podcast

Listen to 18 Hours a Week

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